New Musical Tells Story of Jesus Through Britney Spears Songs. Good Idea!?

Napier Lopez / SPEARS

“Spears: The Gospel According to Britney.” Photo Credit: Napier Lopez

It’s the story of Jesus told entirely through the unchanged lyrics of Britney Spears songs.

This will attract an audience, and here’s why: I can explain it to you in the 15 words I used in the previous sentence, and it gives a lot of people something they can anchor their decision on. For some, it will be Britney Spears; for others, the story of Christ; and for a still large group, both.

Familiar mixed with unfamiliar in potentially interesting ways is a winning formula. Just familiar or just unfamiliar is harder to sell.

Now, I don’t know if it will have success long term, because to do that, it will need to be good. In fact, it will need to be good enough to want to see again, because people will be naturally skeptical that the production is a gimmick or just a minimally acceptable delivery mechanism for the “joke” of the premise.

We’ll see!

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