Moving Art Out of Traditional Venues

How would you react to a thought-provoking piece of art hanging on the wall in your car mechanic’s garage? Or, in your local bakery?

In a recent article, The Guardian‘s Ben Smee writes about art that’s not showcased in galleries, but community spaces like a garage or bakery. More specifically, he highlights the Trace exhibition, which “has left artworks … scattered in shops and public spaces across West End.”

“You’re relating to the art differently, you’re seeing it in a different way, a different context. But you’re also seeing the community in a different way as well,” says Jason Grant, co-founder of the Trace exhibition. “You’d only usually encounter these in major national, international institutions [but] it’s a much more interesting dynamic than in a pristine white-walled gallery, with a security guard telling you to back up if you get too close.”

Grant adds: “Our active faith in this event is that the best art strengthens communities.”

This is true of live events as well. On Selling Out, we’ve covered live events popping up in non-traditional spaces and pointed out the benefits, including gaining awareness for your event and reaching new audiences.

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