Promo of the Week: Mothers and Sons Daring Twitter Campaign

After the series of homophobic tweets, Mothers and Sons posted this image.

After the series of homophobic tweets, Mothers and Sons posted this image.

Homophobic slurs may not seem like an obvious marketing move (at least not when you’re marketing a Broadway show), but it sure worked for the Mothers and Sons team.

The Huffington Post detailed the show’s recent Twitter campaign, which involved quoting actual homophobic tweets without prior explanation to catch people’s attention and bring to light the hateful speech happening every day. We followed up with SpotCo Senior Social Media Manager Steven Tartick, who helped orchestrate the creative campaign, to see how it all came together:

“[Social Media Manager] Callie Goff and I orchestrated the campaign,” he said. “It was inspired by the new TV commercial for the show; it’s surprising/unexpected to hear Tyne Daly say, ‘My son wasn’t gay when he came to New York.’ That feeling is core to the experience of watching Mothers and Sons, and got us wondering whether there was a real-world way to recreate that with social.

We started searching on Twitter, and were bowled over by the comments being openly shared. We brought the campaign idea to the lead producer Tom Kirdahy, who loved it and encouraged us to take the leap.

All of those tweets that we shared were copied and pasted from users in real-time. We intentionally launched the campaign without any explanation or announcement, which caused some shock and confusion among our followers. I actually received two phone calls during the hour from concerned co-workers, alerting me our account had been hacked!

The reaction to the final post was strong: We received numerous tweets, emails and Facebook posts about the campaign. Press started to pick up on it as well, which helped spread the message beyond our community of fans. It was a definite risk but has paid off in drawing attention to the play and its important message!”

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