Most People Say “Brand” When They Mean Something Else

Branding is most likely a topic that keeps popping up for your arts organization.

Recently, we shared a branding Pro Tip from Goldstar‘s VP of Content & Merchandising, Kristen Giordani.

In her MarketingProfs article, writer Laura Wallace offers four tips for gutsy branding. She writes, “Find what makes your business unique, what makes it tick, and what it is known for, and then build your entire brand around that.”

Jim shared some similar thoughts in his post, 3 Ways to Build a Brand People Will Remember. He outlines three abstract steps to “building a brand”:

“Step 1: Be interesting and distinct, or if you’re not naturally interesting and distinct, figure out what about you might be interesting and distinct, and put it at the forefront.

Step 2: Do more and more of what makes you interesting and distinct.

Step 3: Do a good job telling the world (in all forms) about how interesting and distinct you are.

If step 1 isn’t there, steps 2 and 3 are a waste of your time: You don’t want to do more of something that’s boring, and you don’t want to go around screaming to the world about your boring qualities. That’s not “branding.” That’s just pushing a product.

Branding isn’t about image. It’s about identity.”

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