Most Common Questions From Your Customers About Buying Tickets

go_out_guidesJim frequently writes about the importance of customer service to arts organizations. In The Easy Math of Good Service, he explained in numbers why good service is the best marketing money you’ll ever spend. And he shared his views and responded to questions in a Twitter chat titled, Why Customer Service Is the Best Investment You Can Make, with Shoshana Fanizza of Audience Development Specialists.

Do you often wonder what your customers’ biggest questions and concerns are about the ticket-buying process?

We asked Amy Gardea, Goldstar‘s director of customer service, to share the most common reasons members email or call customer service. Here are her answers:

Run time — One of the biggest reasons this is important is because disabled members who rely on public or prearranged transportation need to know what time the performance will end so they can schedule a ride home.
Child tickets — For family events in particular, it’s useful for members to know what age children do not require a ticket, and what is the age range for the child ticket.
Accessible seating availability — If these seats are not available for Goldstar members, are they offered at a similar price through the box office?
Specifics about the venue — Does your venue have an elevator, or just stairs? Is the entrance easy to find? It’s useful to include any oddities or information that’s specific to your venue that will make the member’s experience easier.
Seating charts — It’s important to have an easy-to-read seating chart that clearly marks what seats/sections are being offered.

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