Who’s That “Song-A-Day” Guy Jonathan Mann at TEDxBroadway 2014?

Recently, Jim announced another batch of speakers at TEDxBroadway 2014.

One of the special singing guests is the “song-a-day” guy, Jonathan Mann, who’ll be providing preview and recap entertainment for the event. If you haven’t seen any of Mann’s videos yet, here’s one you might like:

“We’ve Got To Break Up” (Song A Day #1435)

In 2009, Mann started his Song a Day project, and as of 20 hours ago, he’d posted a new song on YouTube every day for 1,786 days. He writes songs about needing a roommate in his Brooklyn apartment and breaking up with his girlfriend of five years (see video above). His songs have titles like “Tony Danza Puking Up Unicorns” and “Tommy Lee Jones is not Amused” and “I Was Made to Carry Heavy Things.”

And people have taken notice. He has received millions of hits on YouTube. He was featured on the The Rachel Maddow Show, Anderson Live and Steve Jobs shared one of his videos to open an Apple press conference. We can’t wait to hear what original songs he comes up with at TEDxBroadway 2014.

Here’s another one of his most popular videos:

“A Duet With Siri (iPhone 4s Song)” (Song A Day #1019)


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