More About The Future of Opera

“To save opera, we have to let it die,” writes Olivia Giovetti for The Washington Post.

She continues: ” … selling opera to the next generation means selling opera to a more diverse and liberal demographic, which has more options than ever for entertainment. … we must no longer romanticize the bygone eras of opera’s so-called golden age so much that we fail to imagine the genre’s future.”

In 2016, Jim commented on an article by Anne Midgette in the same paper in his post: Does Opera Need a New Audience? He wrote:

” … the question is, does American opera need new audience? Generically, the answer is yes. There should always be a renewing of the audience, or eventually, you die out.

But to dig deeper, I’d ask it this way: How does the opera use original material to GROW its audience?”

Check out the rest of Jim’s post: Does Opera Need a New Audience?

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