#MondayMotivation: More Sales Should Not Equal More Work

Looking for a little #MondayMotivation? We’re pulling out past stories that are still just as relevant today. Here’s a pearl from Jim: Why We’re Digitally Integrating Major Ticketing Platforms.

Back in Goldstar’s early days, we used cutting-edge technology to let our venue partners know about the Goldstar members coming to their shows: a fully automated fax!

I’m joking, but only a little bit. When we started (15 years ago), many venues did want this information via fax. So we invented a virtual gateway to send a fax at the exact time the venue wanted it. Not only that, but if something went wrong (like the fax machine on the other side was out of paper), we got a shiny little red light on our admin dashboard here so we could do something about it.

It sounds primitive, but it was just the beginning. Over the years, we’ve added more and more methods and made it more and more automated, but always with the same goal:

Make it easier for our venue partners, and make it work every time for our customers.

About three years ago, we began taking this idea to its logical conclusion: digital integrations with the primary ticketing systems of our partners. …

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