#MondayMotivation: Invest More in the Things That Drive Results

Looking for a little #MondayMotivation? We’re pulling out past stories that are still just as relevant today. Here’s a pearl from Jim: You Can’t Cut Your Way to Greatness.

When businesses and organizations reduce their costs, one of two things happens. Either they stop being able to do something useful that they previously could do, or they stop wasting resources that weren’t doing them any good. Of course, it’s more nuanced than that. Most budget cuts probably do at least a smidgeon of both, though I would say that in most cases, it’s clearly more one than the other.

All organizations gradually accumulate “wasted” costs. It’s pretty natural because a decision to buy something or pay for something gets made, based on the facts and reality of the time in which it’s made, but human nature doesn’t thoroughly review past decisions the way it agonizes over new ones. We tend to just move on, and what already exists gets a lot of leeway to just go on existing.

So if you don’t periodically and quite cruelly review the organization for this waste and either eliminate it or put it to good use, the situation eventually gets bad.

This is on my mind because I’ve read recently about several arts organizations and other organizations that are de-emphasizing or cutting things that would appear to me to be useful and productive parts of what they do. …

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