#MondayMotivation: Forget “Big Data”

Looking for a little #MondayMotivation? We’re pulling out past stories that are still just as relevant today. Here’s a pearl from Jim: “Customer Information” or License to Spam?

Today’s marketer, including live entertainment marketers, put a lot of value on what they call “customer information.”

Years ago, when we started Goldstar, this wasn’t the case. Very few people cared about “information” on its own. We were very early to the understanding that customer information had value, and in many ways, we’ve built our business on it.

But now, just about everyone gets it. Let me rephrase that, because it’s not really true. Now, just about everybody has at least the vague sense that they should care about customer information. But only some understand why they should collect it and how they should think about it.

Let me start with a radical idea: Customer information by itself is damn near worthless. If that information is not a reflection of a real relationship of some kind between your organization and the person corresponding to the information … it’s garbage.

That’s not quite true: Information in and of itself does have some uses. …

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