#MondayMotivation: Customer Service Appreciation Week

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In honor of Customer Service Appreciation Week, October 1-5, we’re sharing a few posts from Jim about the importance of customer service.

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You Know What Customers Love? Rules
You may not think customers react viscerally to rules, but they do. They’ll see that you took advantage of your opportunity to push them around, and they’ll remember it. You won’t be building up good will. Is there such a thing as building up bad will? Well, tell customers what to do for too long, and you’ll find out. Read about what to do instead.

Customers Aren’t Slaves — Stop Trying to “Own” Them
Customers don’t want to be owned. In fact, to the great astonishment of marketers everywhere, customers don’t even think of themselves as customers. They think of themselves as human beings who might (or might not) happen to like what you and your venue have to offer. Think “earn” the customer, don’t “own” the customer.

Good Service Is (Nearly) Free
Good service is, essentially, free, but you have to have the will to provide it. Jim worked for a company called Noah’s Bagels here in California. There was a consistent problem in many of the stores where at rush times, mostly the mornings and lunch, people were waiting too long. So, he came up with a program called “Showtime,” and it really cost virtually nothing, but it made a big impact. Find out how it worked.

The Easy Math of Good Service
Good service is the best marketing money you’ll ever spend. Follow along as Jim does the math on that. (We hear you groan, “Jim, why always with the math?”) You’ll be glad you did!

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