Mobile-Only Tickets Hit More MLB Stadiums This Season

According to TicketNews, “The Detroit Tigers have officially switched to using a mobile-only ticketing system for the 2019 season.”

Fans will have to show their tickets on the Major League Baseball Ballpark or StubHub app.

The New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves are two MLB teams that have already switched to mobile-only ticketing.

TicketNews quotes a source: “About half the teams across Major League Baseball will begin transitioning to mobile-only ticketing during the 2019 season, while over 30 NHL and NBA teams have already made the move.”

The source also explains that this trend benefits fans with “increased convenience and flexibility when it comes to purchasing or transferring tickets to another individual.”

It also ensures that fans have accounts with Major League Baseball Ballpark or StubHub, so the team can notify them of upcoming events and deals.

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