Mob Museum Shows How to Capitalize on Current Affairs

The Mob Museum's new exhibit highlights the "rampant corruption that plagues" the world soccer governing body, FIFA. It opened Tuesday.

The Mob Museum’s new exhibit highlights the “rampant corruption that plagues” the world soccer governing body, FIFA. It opened Tuesday.

The Mob Museum in Las Vegas has plenty to offer tourists who want a glimpse at the seedier side of the town. But now, in a brilliant move, they’ve also created an exhibit that capitalizes on the latest headlines and stands to draw in new audiences to the museum.

Their new exhibit, called The ‘Beautiful Game’ Turns Ugly, looks at the recent FIFA scandals.

“This is good, old-fashioned corruption,” the museum’s director of content, Geoff Schumacher, said to NPR reporter Laura Wagner of FIFA’s operations that resulted in the May indictment of 14 officials. “Organized crime has always thrived on corruption: bribes, kickbacks and influence that get you what you want.” …

Schumacher told NPR that the museum, also called the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, began planning the exhibit following the May 27 announcement of the indictments.

“There was such big media coverage,” says Schumacher. “But it was also very quick to tie the FIFA scandal into organized crime, and we recognized that immediately as an opportunity for us.” Schumacher says the museum also considered the exhibit’s appeal for international visitors. “Soccer is growing as a sport in the United States but it is the thing in the rest of the world, so this FIFA scandal is always front page news.”

While not every breaking news story can inspire a museum or theater attraction, it’s certainly worth considering how your next live event can tap into a story everyone is talking about.

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