Millennials Vs. Baby Boomers: What Do They Want? [Infographic]

We’re all looking to attract millennial audiences, and to do that we have to know how the millennial mind works. Nielsen Global Survey is on the task. They polled more than 30,000 online consumers in more than 60 countries over the last few years, gathering info on how they shop, where they eat and what matters to them.

Their results reinforce and expand on what we’ve been hearing for years about millennials: They’re fully immersed in both online and offline worlds, and they often blend the two by multitasking (like using social media while out socializing). They value a healthy lifestyle and are willing to pay more for it. They care about the social and environmental impact of the products they use and the businesses they support. They value efficiency, connectivity and personalized options that give them control.

Check out the infographic below for a comparison of two key audiences: baby boomers (ages 50-64) and millennials (ages 21-34).


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