Meet the Men Behind the Hollywood Bowl’s Spectacular Sound

Back in 1922, when the Hollywood Bowl was first built, the Cahuenga Pass was quiet. No freeway, no traffic, no helicopters or airplanes. Now, of course, there’s plenty to distract audiences during a performance — and it’s up to Fred Vogler and Michael Sheppard to keep them focused and keep the musicians on stage sounding pitch perfect.

It’s a challenge to be sure, but Vogler and Sheppard (with a little help from new equipment installed last year) manage to create the right balance for everything from symphonies to rock concerts.

“What we have to do,” Vogler told Mark Swed at the Los Angeles Times, “is embrace what is naturally there and find a comfortable way to make it bigger.”

You can read more about Vogler and Sheppard’s efforts to give audiences the best possible experience here.

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