Marketing Tips From the Best in the Biz …

AKA, minor league baseball teams. The marketing teams for these organizations don’t have big name players (or big league budgets), so they rely on creativity to bring in the crowds.

As 99u’s Patrick Cain explains, “Its kooky marketing ways are branding ‘fun’ in ways that any company–selling anything, even something as objectionably boring as minor league baseball–can use.”

Cain outlines several lessons any marketer can learn in his article. We’ve highlighted a few favorites below:

“Lesson 2: Make that experience one of a kind

Some people get excited when a team’s playing schedule is released. But for the Charleston RiverDogs, the real excitement comes when they release their promotional schedule. Over the years, it has included such themes as ‘Prostate Cancer Awareness Night,’ where all male fans could get free prostate exams (via a pin prick). Or the time the franchise turned their ballpark into a waterpark for ‘Big Splash Day.’ All this leads to a natural question: What’s the connection to baseball? Nothing, and that’s the whole point. The goal is for there to never be a dull moment in a slow-paced game.

Lesson 3:  Brand the experience (not just the team)

You’ve heard of Sunday Funday? For some, it’s a boozy afternoon to close out the weekend, but to the Richmond Flying Squirrels, it is now part of their identity. ‘Funnville is a philosophy of who the Flying Squirrels are,’ says Jay Burnham, the team’s director of media, broadcasting, and marketing. ‘This all sort of started with the Lehigh IronPigs, which have become Bacon, USA. It gives the entire experience a name.’”

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