Marketing Ideas That Cost Time, Not Money

It’s easy to think of big-budget marketing ideas: Super Bowl ads, billboards, expansive street teams. But what’s more difficult is coming up with clever ways to market your live entertainment events without breaking your budget.

To help, put together 23 marketing techniques that cost time, but not money. You can read the full list here, or check out a few of our favorites below:


One explosive method of marketing that some companies use is cross-promotion. Cross-promotion allows you to partner with related businesses that can market your services, in exchange for you marketing their services.

For example, if you are providing consulting services for online business owners, you may recommend that they use a certain web designer to create their website. The web designer is your cross-promoting partner. This web designer works with business clients, and she points these clients your way for consulting services.

It’s a win-win, and apart from a signed document and an easy conversation, it doesn’t require much work at all.

Help a Reporter Out

Occasionally, you’re going to come across some newsworthy information in your niche or business. Sign up for Help a Reporter Out (HARO). It’s a free service that reporters often use to find stories. If you have a story, you can help a reporter out and gain publicity.

Create a Robust Google+ Presence

Google+ is one of the web’s foremost places for building brand exposure. Google uses your business information to form a web presence in Knowledge Graph boxes and wider indexation.

The better your Google+ profile, the better your brand will be featured and published organically across the web.

Claim a Hashtag

Hashtags are the billboards of the internet. Since hashtags are now available on every major social platform, you can create a hashtag for your business and use it everywhere you post.

A hashtag is a searchable and interactive extension of your brand, and it has the potential to spread virally.

Talk to Your Fans

Customers and fans love to be loved. The way you show that love is by retweeting, favoriting tweets, liking the comments and sharing their status. Don’t simply expect that your social media presence is going to work for you. You have to work for it, by talking to your fans.

They will return the favor and engage at a deeper level.

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