Margaret Cho Performs the Ultimate “Make Good” and Shows How to Handle a Bad Show

When you’re a comedian, bad shows are a part of life. You’re off, the audience isn’t feeling it, it happens. But once in awhile, things go really bad, like they did for Margaret Cho during a show last month in New Jersey.

Audience members complained when Cho seemed to be losing it on stage, Emma Barrie reported for Vulture. But instead of running from a bad night, Cho is facing it head on by inviting that same audience back to talk about what happened.

The event will include a conversation with the audience moderated by Jerry Seinfeld, who had this message for the crowd:

“When a stand-up show doesn’t go well, the audience and the comedian both go home unhappy, sometimes not really sure what went wrong. Every comedian has experienced this sense of unresolved resentment and anxiety. Wouldn’t it be something if we could go back to New Jersey, back to that club with the same audience and try to make things right? Have a discussion where both sides — comedian and audience — could talk about what happened?”

That’s certainly one bold way to handle criticism and regain credibility with your fans. Would your organization ever consider a move like this? Tell us about it on Twitter or Facebook.

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