Make This Major Arts Marketing Move

The key to better reaching your arts patrons, according to Peter Beck for MarketingProfs, is shareable brand experiences.

Whether via social media or word-of-mouth, it’s important to create experiences for your patrons that they want to share.

Beck lists five tips for creating shareable brand experiences. Here are two suggestions below:

Act as if your company were founded this year. Instead of building off your historical marketing mix and trying to adjust, imagine how you’d approach the market as a new entrant, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Ask yourself: In today’s world, are we putting ourselves on a platform that attracts and creates value? Are we creating content that’s incredibly intuitive and easy for our audience to consume today?

Show interest in your customer. Historically, brands would drive awareness and sales by being the most interesting, the sexiest, the coolest. Today, we’re seeing brands succeed by showing authentic interest in the customer.

Notice the recent trend in personalized and customized marketing messaging. For example, Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke campaign placed popular millennial first names on bottles. Or check out any digital platform that tailors content based on consumption history, such as Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” playlists. Those efforts are effective because they add to the brand experience in a way that feels personal.

Find a way to speak directly to each consumer instead of to your consumers as a whole. That goes a long way toward building brand loyalty, and it’s a starting point you can infuse in all facets of marketing that may lead to a bigger conversation about personalized brand moments through experiential marketing.”

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