Make the Most of Your Events on Twitter

“Events are digital content gold,” writes Gina Roughan in a recent Econsultancy article. “Events mean large numbers of people, all engaging on social around one topic or happening, at the same time – providing a golden opportunity for brands and causes to get on to the radar of a captured audience.”

Roughan shares four ways to make your posts and updates the social event of the 2016 season. See two below, and then read the entire article here.

“• Plan Your Year: A simple Google search will throw up the usual annual events that’ll light up the Twitter ‘Moments’ tab, but take the time to look into 2016 happenings that are of specific relevance to your brand or cause – be they trade shows, awards ceremonies or global summits.

Dig deeper to identify those events that will best help you to reach specific sections of your audience, meet your comms objectives and land your brand’s unique point of view.

It was completely expected that Ben & Jerrys, with its Climate Justice platform, would participate in COP21 digital conversations – less so Maersk.

However, the global shipping company has publically stated its support for carbon emissions regulation in the shipping industry, and this was the perfect moment to engage relevant bodies and industry influencers on this specific climate change topic.

flotustweet-blog-flyer• Make friends in high places: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Planned events will have high-profile spokespeople/attendees that will naturally be the centre of attention and therefore the competition for their bandwidth will be fierce.

However, these people will have key followers with their own spheres of influence – and might also be able to influence the top-tier targets.

Simple desk research, or the utilisation of a tool such as Brandwatch, can help identify the right influencers with the right tone and topics of interest for your brand.

Girl Effect, a girl empowerment movement, naturally looks to engage those who can effect genuine change at the top.

By choosing to drive digital conversations around events such as the launch of #62MillionGirls it has secured engagement from one of the key names behind this education initiative, culminating in the endorsement of @FLOTUS herself (with her 3.45m followers).”

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