Make Somebody’s Thanksgiving Better, in Just a Click or Two

thanksgivingappealI’m really proud of something that we do at Goldstar this time every year. We call it the Thanksgiving Appeal, and it’s a time when we ask Goldstar members (and everybody else) to support a local organization. These organizations support low-income and homeless people throughout the year, but many of them really turn it on at the holidays because the need becomes all the more acute.

I’ll tell you how this started.

It was our second year in business — 2003. We had learned year one that Thanksgiving week was a pretty lousy time to try to sell tickets to anything, so we decided to try something else. I called Rabbi Marv Gross at Pasadena’s Union Station Homeless Services and asked him if he’d be interested in allowing us to go to our 30,000 (yep) members all over Southern California and see if they’d be interested in supporting the amazing Thanksgiving Dinner in the Park that Union Station does here in Pasadena, and he was delighted.

What I love about Rabbi Marv is that he knew it would be small potatoes, but his appreciation and enthusiasm for our support was encouraging. We were beaming with pride when we handed him a check for around $2,000 the following week!

As we’ve grown, we’ve added another couple of dozen organizations in every market we serve, but we still work with Union Station. Last year, Goldstar members raised more than $100,000, and I’d like to demolish last year’s number if we can.

So, if you’re feeling it in your heart, go find the organization in your city, and make a small donation. We’ve made it easy to do, and if you’re so inclined, retweet this and spread the word. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year, but not for everyone if we let them down.

I have another tradition, which is that if you’re willing to support the Thanksgiving Appeal, I give you permission to ditch work early on Wednesday guilt-free. It only seems fair, and if your boss gives you a hard time, they can call me.

Have a great Thanksgiving.


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