Make It Matter That Your Patrons Came

Experiences rule. How do we know this? One reason is that more and more retailers are adding experiential elements to their brick-and-mortar stores.

This PSFK article highlights “retailers delivering inspired, next-level customer experiences” in New York City. According to the article, Nordstrom Men’s Store offers a complimentary personal styling service, where they create a digital Style Board with personalized recommendations that can be sent to your mobile phone, and FujiFilm Wonder Photoshop lets you make instant prints from your phone at designated kiosks.

Jim wrote about experience-driven businesses in his 2014 post, The Irrelevance of Stores and How That Affects Live Entertainment (Hint: It’s a Good Thing):

“When retail locations close these days, they are replaced more and more by either, sadly, vacancies, or by businesses that are experience-based in some way. …

Where we’re going is very simple: We need fewer and fewer stores for retail goods, but we’ll either replace those with empty spaces, with residences or offices, or with experience-driven businesses.

There’s still a good answer to the question, ‘Why do they even have live entertainment and arts venues?’ Because that’s where the show happens and the show gives people a great experience they can’t get at home.

Live entertainment should benefit from the gradual collapse of much of offline retail. A shift away from a goods-based physical commercial environment toward an experience-based one works well for our industry.

But don’t get cocky. People could stay home altogether. Make it matter that they came. Make it important that they be there live.”

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