Major Customer Service Mistakes for Arts Marketers to Avoid

It’s a topic we cover often on this blog: the importance of customer service. Happy patrons return, tell others and are generally one of your best marketing tools.

So how do you keep ’em happy? Avoid these five customer service mistakes, “which are easy to fix yet have a big impact on the bottom line,” reports Bob Phibbs for Entrepreneur.

Read all five common mistakes at Entrepreneur, and check out two important ones below:

“Don’t treat regulars better than first-timers.

Just as I was about to place my coffee order the cashier said, ‘Excuse me,’ as she looked at a man three people behind me. ‘Fred, do you want the usual?’

I’m sure, in her mind, she thought she was giving me great customer service. She had acknowledged me and helped her regular customer. What she didn’t realize was that it was giving her regular customer preferential treatment over me.

What did it cost the business? I never returned. When you haven’t done the hard work of treating your new customers just as well as your old ones, you develop a core group of customers and stop growing.

Don’t only sell the customer on what they ask for.

Most customers nowadays research online before ever walking through your door. When they do come in, and ask for a specific product, poorly-trained employees will simply take them to it, or tell them they don’t have it.

The trouble is your shopper will never discover another option you have that will do the same thing or a premium model that will work even better. The shopper is never given the chance to compare and contrast, which means your store’s success is solely dependent on what customers ask for, not what you carry. That’s a sure way to leave a lot of money on the table.”

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