Losing Twitter Followers? This May Be Why

Are you watching your Twitter stats rise and fall each day? Feel like you lose a follower for every one or two that you gain? It can certainly be frustrating, but thankfully the folks at KISSmetrics have some insight into why it’s happening and how you can stop the unfollows. Check out the full list of Twitter mistakes here, but for now here are a few of the biggest offenses:

1. You’re tweeting off topic. 
Yes, your puppy is cute, but no, you don’t need to share it on your business’ Twitter feed. Tweeting off-topic can be confusing for your followers. If they don’t know what to expect from you they may opt to just stop following.

2. You’re not providing value.
Is your feed all self-promotion? While it’s definitely helpful to share show information and get people excited about your upcoming events, you also want to give back by tweeting helpful links, other industry news and things your readers would enjoy.

3. You’ve gone radio silent. 
Haven’t tweeted in weeks? If you’re not going to keep up a consistent schedule of posting, you can’t be too surprised when people stop following. So even if you’re between productions or you feel you’re too busy to tweet, try and carve out some time for social media so your fans don’t think you’ve forgotten them.

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