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If you’re reading this post, you’re probably someone in the live entertainment business. And like us, you’re always looking to improve: sales, the customer experience, your bottom line, etc.

Like we stated on our first day, we launched Selling Out as a resource, tool and meeting place for everybody whose job is to create, market or manage live entertainment. Since then, Jim has shared his expertise and thoughts on a wide range of topics, from marketing and pricing to technology and customer service.

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Here are a few of our recent readers’ favorites:

You’re Always Too Busy to Go to a Show You Don’t Care About — Jim wrote: “I’m so busy” has become, I think it’s fair to say, just something that most people say automatically. I’m calling B.S. on the “busy” excuse. [And the facts back him up.] People are never too busy to go to a show they really want to see, but they’re always too busy to go to one they don’t care about. Market accordingly.

3 Easy SEO Changes You Can Make Today — Goldstar’s SEO director Anthony Ferrara outlines three areas that live entertainment marketers should examine in order to optimize their websites. These small SEO tweaks should help increase traffic and spread the word on your events.

Tickets Are Worth Different Amounts to Different People — Jim wrote: I call it the Theory of Pricing Relativity, and it goes like this: No ticket is “worth” a fixed amount. It’s only worth something relative to the person who might buy it. Same show, same night, same venue, same seats, three similar people demographically but with varying degrees of interest equals three very different prices. Who’s right? They all are.

The Best and Worst Words to Put in Your Email Subject Lines — Do you send out emails and newsletters to your fans and customers? It’s an excellent way to keep them in the know on your latest news, offers and information. Whether you’re a newsletter newbie or have been sending them out for years, you can benefit from knowing which words in subject lines perform best.

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