In Case You Missed It

Each week we’ll share a collection of articles we think are well worth reading. And now, in case you missed them …

• NPR’s Rachel Martin drops in on the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and their recent flash mob performance at a suburban Detroit IKEA.

• On Pacific Standard, Paul Bisceglio suggests that “listening may not be the best way to judge an orchestra’s chops.” Because maybe we see good music better than we hear it.

• The Guardian‘s theater blogger Lyn Gardner explains why we should not only safeguard legacy, but also place our emphasis on what comes next. She asks two very good questions:

How, in such challenging times, do you protect legacy but also enable the future by supporting those at the grassroots level and those taking creative risks?

How do you make what money there is work best, not just for audiences and artists today but also for future generations?

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