Let’s Talk About SEO

Jason Barnard explains on the SEMrush Blog how SEO works and why it’s so important.

After catching us up to speed, Barnard outlines a successful SEO strategy.

Here’s one piece of his advice below, then read his entire article here:

“For your SEO strategy to be successful, you must trigger as many of the signals that Google is looking at as possible. A helpful way of looking at how all these individual actions fit into an overall strategy is to think in terms of serving the three following pillars:

Understanding, credibility, and deliverability.

Understanding – if you want Google to recommend our content as the most suitable solution to their user’s problem, it must understand clearly and precisely what it is you are offering. Actions such as clear copywriting, adding schema markup, relevant inbound links serve the purpose of helping Google understand and be confident it has correctly understood what it is you are offering. … ”

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