Lessons Learned From the Facebook Outage

Last week, a partial Facebook outage affected users and organizations that rely on social media for revenue. Instagram and WhatsApp were affected as well.

“For entrepreneurs who use social media for their business, this should be a blaring wake up call,” writes Kimanzi Constable for Entrepreneur. “The outage … is a reminder of time-tested business principles.”

Constable shares lessons to be learned from the outage. Here’s one below:

Build your foundation on your platform.

In this Digital Age that we live in, you need two important assets to build a thriving business. You need a website and to be building an email list. These are assets that are yours. When you build the foundation of your business on other people’s platforms — such as social media — you are giving up the control of your business.

Your website is where you should send potential customers to see your expertise and start the process of knowing, liking, and trusting you. They should be able to sign up for your email list because they might not be ready to buy at that moment. With them on your email list, you can nurture them and add value through your content. That’s what will lead to the sale later.”

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