Lesson of the Day: You’re Never Too Old to Play

There’s been a trend lately with bars adding a “kiddie” element: from board games and puzzles to vintage arcade games and skeeball. But one bar in San Francisco took things a step further, adding an adult-size ball pit for a pop-up experience.

PSFK.com reported on the event from nonprofit Forward Motion:

“From March 19th to the 20th, the Romper Room was transformed into a ball pit, complete with live DJ, 90s music, and bubbles, all to create that nostalgic feeling. The event sold out three months in advance, with tickets allotting participants a two hour time slot to enjoy drinks and play with in the pit.”

The event was so popular that Forward Motion will be repeating it in April.

What can live entertainment learn from this nightlife trend? Mainly that adults still want to have fun, so don’t be afraid to add some playful elements to your shows and events, too.

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