Last Night at The Met

Photo Courtesy of: Last Night at The Met

Photo Courtesy of: Last Night at The Met

Here’s a marketing insight from the category of brilliant-but-freaking-obvious: People like themselves.

The audience of any show or event is made up of people and, therefore, by the transitive property, if you can connect your event to the people in the audience, they will enjoy that show or event more.

That’s why I think Last Night at The Met has so much potential.

It’s a tumblr of pictures taken by photograph Rose Callahan of people attending shows at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. She’s not looking for celebs or big donors. She’s looking for people she finds interesting, and the tumblr shows that.

If you’ve got style and go to a performance at the Met, it looks to me as though there’s a pretty good chance you’ll show up there. And if you go, won’t you want to check and see? You probably noticed some of the same people Rose noticed, and you’ll want to see her nicely composed pictures of them.

This is a project initiated by the Met, but it has its own life and feel. It’s clearly identified as a Met production, but they’ve allowed it to have a “native” tumblr voice and style, which is exactly right.

I had a thought the other day that the stage is pointed at the audience for a reason: Because the audience is the important part. Only they can take whatever happens on stage and do something with it. This tumblr reflects and honors that idea, and I love it.

Anybody else got a version of this? I’d love to know about that, too.

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