Kids Shows That Get It

Scenes from a family friendly Improv show.

Scenes from the Family Improv Comedy Show.

Earlier today Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy talked about creating children’s entertainment that appeals to both kids and adults. Noted authors J.R.R. Tolkien, Maurice Sendak and Neil Gaiman are all on board with the idea and we found a few live entertainment shows that are as well.

According to Goldstar reviewers, these shows are great examples of entertainment that’s just fun — plain and simple, no matter what your age:

From Family Improv Comedy Show in Atlanta:

“My family loved our night out together! My husband and I are going to try the ‘adult’ show too! My children want to go back again!”

From MythBusters: Behind the Myths in Los Angeles:

“I was a little skeptical of how the TV show would translate to a live stage show but it was so much fun! The kids and parents had a great time. Science Rules!!! Very entertaining and so glad we took a chance and purchased tickets. I only wish they also had the other cast members on stage too.”

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