Kids Show Adds Celebrities — Will it Make Adults Want to Watch too?

When Sprout (NBC’s answer to Disney Junior and Nick Jr.) moved their morning show Sunny Side Up Show to New York from Philadelphia, there was a nice bonus for the show: access to celebrities dropping by the 30 Rock studio.

Brian Steinberg wrote about the show’s new guest stars over at Variety and pointed out that the show is “all about the co-viewing.”

The concept of creating a show for kids and parents to watch isn’t a new one, but it’s definitely one we support on Selling Out. Earlier this year, Jim wrote posts about treating kids like the smart people they are and not assuming that something that’s for kids can’t also be enjoyed by adults.

Jim also pointed out a great quote from J.R.R. Tolkien that really sums up the idea:

“… the common opinion seems to be that there is a natural connection between the minds of children and fairy-stories, of the same order as the connection between children’s bodies and milk. I think this is an error; at best an error of false sentiment, and one that is therefore most often made by those who, for whatever private reason (such as childlessness), tend to think of children as a special kind of create, almost a different race, rather than as normal, if immature, members of a particular family, and of the human family at large.”

Do you think the Sunny Side Up Show is making a good move in appealing to adults?

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