Kids, Freedom & Huddled Masses

We wanted to share a few of the TEDxBroadway talks that came to mind, given the headlines we’ve all been watching over the last few weeks.

In 2013, at TEDxBroadway’s second annual event, a 75-year-old George Takei took to the stage to share his personal story about being sent to a Japanese-American internment camp with his family at the age of 5. The Takeis spent four long years in a camp located in the swamps of Arkansas — and it’s this experience which became the basis of George’s Broadway debut musical, Allegiance, which opened two years after this talk, in November 2015, at the Longacre Theatre. Watch his talk:

It’s no wonder that the young people from Broadway for All came to mind as well. Take a listen as they cover the BeyoncĂ© song, “Freedom.”

You must absolutely listen to Shaina Taub’s songs she performed at TEDxBroadway 2018: “Where are the Grown Ups” and “Huddled Masses.”

And, from TED Residency, watch global migration journalist Duarte Geraldino talk about what happens to those left behind after mass deportations.


As we look toward the upcoming holiday, these themes become even more significant for the kids, for freedom and for huddled masses.

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