Join TEDxBroadway to Discuss “The Urgency of Change”

We invite you to join us for a discussion on the “The Urgency of Change” on Tuesday, June 16 at 4:30pm Eastern/1:30pm Pacific. 

At the onset of the pandemic, TEDxBroadway (co-founded by Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy and Damian Bazadona of Situation) created an online conversation around the topics that would make us all think about “What’s the best WE can be right now?” Now is the time to expand the scope of these conversations, in light of the injustice and systematic racism members of our community face. 

Jim and Damian welcome guest host Felicia Fitzpatrick, a TEDxBroadway Young Professional alum. She’s Playbill’s social media director and the creator/host of Call and Response, a podcast that explores the intersection of blackness and performing arts. 

We’ll hear from TEDxBroadway alums:

  • Edward Poteat is a leading developer of affordable housing in the New York City metropolitan area. Currently, he is the Founder and President of Carthage Advisors, an affordable housing real estate firm that specializes in the redevelopment of older government subsidized properties. Watch Edward’s 2018 TEDxBroadway talk here
  • Born and raised in the Bronx, Jim Joseph has worked in the New York City performing arts community for almost 30 years. He’s passionate about telling diverse stories and nurturing the next generation of arts leaders. Watch Jim’s 2018 TEDxBroadway talk here.
  • Dr. Desmond Upton Patton, Associate Dean for Innovation and Academic Affairs, founding director of the SAFE Lab and co-director of the Justice, Equity and Technology lab at Columbia School of Social Work, is a leading pioneer in the field of making AI empathetic, culturally sensitive and less biased. Through keynote presentations and interactive workshops, Desmond is helping organizations develop a better approach to diversity and inclusion that includes fairer practices that address the challenge of prejudice, rather than contribute to it. Also the founder of the SIM|ED tech incubator at Columbia University, Desmond’s research uses virtual reality to educate youth and policymakers about the ways social media can be used against them and how race plays a part. Watch Desmond’s 2017 TEDxBroadway talk here.

We’re looking forward to a candid conversation and hope you’ll make time to be there.

You can register for free here.

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