Join Our Expert Chat on July 22: On Ticketing & Virology

You’re invited to join us Wednesday, July 22 at 3pm Eastern / 12pm Pacific for an Expert Chat that is sure to be riveting. World-renowned and fan favorite, Dr. Vincent Racaniello returns with his insights into the pandemic. We’ve invited ticketing specialist and Cirque du Soleil alum Eric Valley to share his thoughts as well. Of course, Jim  will do a deep dive into the latest Return Readiness Score from our ongoing subscriber survey from around the country. 

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More about our guests:

Eric Valley has been in the live entertainment industry for over 25 years. 

After working 5 years at Admission Ticket Network (Now part Of Ticketmaster Canada), he ran away with the circus!

Eric spent 16 memorable years at Cirque du Soleil, 5 of them being on tour and another 8 years as ticket sales director for Cirque’s touring properties worldwide.

In 2018, he left to become consultant for various touring properties across North America, and in November 2019, Eric partnered with MTA Group and co-founded TICTACTIX, a ticketing services company.

Dr. Vincent Racaniello is a Professor of Microbiology & Immunology in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University and has done laboratory research on viruses since 1975, specifically influenza viruses.

He also writes a Virology Blog and hosts several podcasts about virology.

He’s known as Earth’s Virologist.

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