Designate a Day for Taking Pictures With Cast

Joe Manganiello in 'A Streetcar Named Desire' - Photo by Carol Rosegg

Joe Manganiello in “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg

The headline reads: Joe Manganiello calls out audience photographer during A Streetcar Named Desire. And remember, Joe can turn into a werewolf if he gets angry, so for all of our sakes, refrain from the urge to take pictures. The other side of this, of course, is that some people love your shows enough to want to take pictures of them. Here’s an idea to borrow from your brothers and sisters in baseball: Have a picture day! Major League teams take a game or two each year to let fans come down onto the field after games and take pictures with the team, as they wander around a controlled area. That’s possible in other genres too, but I’ve never heard of it anywhere else. Think the chance to pose next to Joe Manganiello might sell a few tickets? It just might.

Read about the incident at Smartphoooone! Joe Manganiello Calls Out Audience Photographer During A Streetcar Named Desire.

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