Jim’s Book Pick for Big Business

Inc. contributor Christina DesMarais asked a group of super successful people, including Jim, to share one book they would recommend to help arts entrepreneurs get ahead in business and life. Jim’s pick may surprise you:

Simple Pictures Are Best by Nancy Willard

“Ambitious and creative entrepreneurs and managers have plenty of ideas. In this little book, a shoemaker and his wife are getting a picture made to celebrate their anniversary. It starts with just the two of them, posed elegantly in front of their house, but the shoemaker just can’t resist adding more beloved people, prized possessions, and other weird stuff to the shot. Every time he does, the photographer gently admonishes him that ‘simple pictures are best,’ but it takes a while for him to get it. I pull this book down from time to time to remind myself that innovative and creative ideas are valuable, but you can’t just pile them on. Successful concepts usually rely on one or two important parts. When it comes to building a great business, simple pictures are usually best.

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