Jim Talks Tech and Ticketing With Front Row News

jimmccarthyAhead of the upcoming International Convention Center Conference in Pasadena (on October 27-29), Jim sat down with Front Row News to talk about advances in ticketing, e-commerce and how millennials are changing the entertainment industry.

Here’s what he had to say about emerging tech and communication:

“Every business, every organization now has to be living in the reality that what some people call Gen Y or Millennials have taken charge of the culture. As a Gen Xer, my group got skipped entirely, but we transitioned rapidly from a Baby Boomer culture to a Millennial culture in the last few years. That means the values and habits of Millennials are the default values and habits of our culture now. You can still market to the Boomer group, based on their values and habits, but that’s now a niche or a specialty.”

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