Jim Shares Insights at Leadership Pasadena

Visitors to this blog are fortunate to read Jim’s insights on leadership, business and purpose regularly, but a lucky few people also got to hear him in person at Leadership Pasadena’s educational session on start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Pasadena Business Now reports on last week’s event:

“Jim McCarthy, CEO of Goldstar, discussed his personal philosophy of business and leadership. His stories of humanity and giving brought tears to many eyes and motivated all to do more for more. It was clear to all why Jim’s MasterMind groups have a many-month waiting list to learn from him and his vision and insight.

Per class member Manuel Carmona, who works for the City of Pasadena, ‘Jim McCarthy’s discussion on our responsibility as leaders changed my thinking about the meaning of prosperity. Its not about purchasing power but the ways that a stable well paying job help our colleagues contribute to our society that is most important. McCarthy’s philosophy demonstrates his power as a thought leader for our time.'”

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