Jack White Asks Coachella Fans to Put Down Phones, Becomes Top Trend on Twitter

Jack White Performing at Coachella

Jack White Performing at Coachella

Oh, the irony. This weekend musician Jack White asked fans during his Coachella performance to “Put down your cellphones for five seconds.” It’s a fair request, since many of the audience were engrossed with their phones instead of what was going happening on stage. However, it seemed to backfire.

Mashable writer David Yi reported that Jack White was the top trending topic on Twitter during his performance, meaning that at least some (or rather, a lot) of fans kept right on tweeting.

While there are pros and cons to fans using social media during shows, Jim offers a little consolation for White in his post Give Your Audience a Little Bit of the Spotlight:

“Yes, the act or the team is the star of the show or the game, but each of us is the star of our own show, and that feeling never leaves us. So giving us a little bit of the spotlight can’t be a bad thing.”

Do you think audiences should put away their cellphones during a performance? Or is tweeting during a concert A-OK? Tell us about it on Facebook or Twitter! (But maybe wait until intermission if you’re watching a show.)

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