Is Your Website Turning People Off?

When visitors and potential customers come to your website, do they feel welcome? According to SEMrush Blog writer Amanda Clark, it’s important that they do. “When a guest arrives at your home page for the first time, he or she should feel like you’ve just been waiting for them to come — like their visit is anticipated,” she says.

So how can you make sure that your website is putting out the digital welcome mat — and not giving off a virtual “no one’s home” signal? Clark has a few suggestions:

Make sure all your links work.… When you anticipate guests, you ensure that all of your internal links are working properly, allowing people to move freely through your site. Doing a thorough audit for any broken links, and removing or fixing the bad ones, is an important step to take.

Place up-to-date contact information throughout. Having your address and phone number on every page of the site is good SEO, but it’s also an important way to let people know that you’re around if they need you, ready to provide assistance as necessary.

Be friendly. A good website is a personable one. That doesn’t mean lapsing in your professionalism, but I’d say that it does mean including staff bios, a company history, or some other piece of marketing collateral to show who you are and where you came from.”

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