Is Your Show Funny? Then Why Isn’t Your Marketing?

Are you marketing a comedy or any sort of live event that’s funny? Then you’ll want to inject some of that humor into your ads and marketing strategy. Not only does it give people a taste of what’s to come, but it’ll also likely grab their attention more than a straightforward, serious ad.

Take this marketing campaign by Samantha Jayne that AdWeek reporter Stephanie Paterik recently covered. Jayne wrote a book of poetry about millennials. Admittedly that might be a tough book to market, but she found a brilliant method. Jayne created a series of hilarious videos that portray “millennial life” and give a glimpse of what her book is all about. Check out one of the videos below:

Suddenly, reading a book of millennial poetry sounds a lot less like homework and a lot more like a fun night in.

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