Is Your Schedule Announcement Bringing in New Fans?

When you announce a schedule, whether that’s for a season of shows or a season of games, your die-hard fans will be on the lookout for it. They already know they’re interested and just want to see the lineup and dates (and buy tickets of course).

But what about everyone else? People who might be interested, might buy tickets, but aren’t seeking out your schedule on their own?

If you’re the Carolina Panthers, you draw them in with a clever and creative schedule announcement. As David Griner at Adweek reported, The Panthers created an ode to video games to announce their schedule of games, and it caught the eye of fans and non-fans alike.

The video already has more than 2 million views (more than double the population of the team’s home city) and is getting praise from all over:

Will this fun announcement bring in new ticket-buyers? That remains to be seen, but it’s certainly got people talking.

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