Is Your Organization “Closing the Gate” on New Fans?

Over on his blog, Seth Godin writes about “closing the gate,” saying that:

“Sooner or later, tribes begin to exclude interested but unaffiliated newcomers.

It happens to religious sects, to surfers and to online communities as well. Nascent groups with open arms become mature groups too set in their ways to evangelize and grow their membership, too stuck to engage, change and thrive.”

Are you closing or opening the gate? Photo credit: Rudi Strydom via Unsplash

Are you closing or opening the gate? Photo Credit: Rudi Strydom via Unsplash

There are certainly some examples of this in live entertainment — genres with graying audiences and few newcomers. But rather than focus on that, we thought we’d point out some examples of organizations that are opening the gates and making efforts to welcome and inform newcomers:

  • Last month we reported on Akron Symphony Orchestra’s efforts to encourage first-time concert goers, like offering Cleveland Browns ticket swaps and crowdsourced symphonies.
  • Broadway is bringing its performances to the masses with streaming service BroadwayHD. Not only does it allow theater fans to watch shows at home, but it lets new audiences (who may not yet understand the value of seeing a show in person) get a glimpse of the magic happening in New York.
  • And in Philadelphia, they’re bringing Bach into the Dock Street Brewery in a concert that gets classical music lovers and craft beer enthusiasts excited.

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