Is Your Online Ticket-Buying Process as Good as it Could Be?

Jim has talked about selling online and on mobile before, and it’s clear that creating a streamlined, intuitive process for selling tickets is crucial. But how exactly does one do that?

The folks over at put together a very comprehensive guide to best practices for ecommerce checkout success. It’s pretty thorough so I’d encourage you to head over and read through it all, but here are a few highlights to get you started:

Make checkout steps clear
At every stage of checkout, the customer should know where they are in the process and what remains to be done before purchase is complete.

What to look for:

  • Is there a clear and simple progress indicator, e.g. progress bar on each page of checkout or checkout sections arranged vertically in accordion design?
  • Does the progress indicator reflect the actual process being undertaken?

Trust is engendered by a range of factors: reliable site performance with clear navigation and messaging, inclusion of company contact details and assurances of privacy and security of personal information.

Order confirmation
Clear messaging on screen should provide customers with the reassurance that their purchase has been successful.

Targeted promotions on the order confirmation page and in order confirmation emails can be used to encourage repeat purchase.

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