Is Your Arts Organization Thinking About Halloween?

Halloween is creeping just around the corner. You’ve probably considered this holiday in your marketing plans, but if not, there’s good reason to do so (next year!). Jim explains in his post, “What Does It Mean, Halloween?

” … for a holiday for which there really is no ‘true meaning,’ people sure do celebrate. I think in the past, it was a kid’s holiday, and now it’s very, very broad. Maybe it’s the coming of age of the Saturday morning cartoon generation (I’m looking at you, fellow Gen Xers). I even noticed an interesting trend of adults having nice dinners on their porches while handing out candy. On some streets, the lights and decorations are as elaborate and common as they are at Christmas.

Culturally, I believe something has shifted in the last five or 10 years about Halloween: It’s big. It looms large in the mind of Americans in a way that it didn’t before.

If I were a programmer for a venue or troupe or even the marketer for a sports team, I’d think about what this meant and what to do about it. If you’re a theater or performing arts venue, you should probably think about season-related programming.

I can’t tell you what Halloween means to your organization, but I can tell you it’s worth thinking about.”

Fox and Mars candy brands sure know how to get in on the Halloween fun. According to Adweek, they “teamed up to get up-and-coming horror directors to make disturbing short films,” or “Bite Size Horror” films, for Skittles, M&Ms, Starburst and Snickers commercials.

Watch the four two-minute shorts here.

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