Introducing Goldstar FlyBy

We talk to our Goldstar members all the time because, hey, they’re why we’re here!

And one thing we hear all the time is that people want to know more about the venue where they’re thinking of going. In fact, it’s a source of legitimate worry for them. This is a potential problem because it can keep people from going to shows. In fact, we know it does because that’s something people tell us.

So we do whatever we can to make it easier, and we’re experimenting with a new idea that I hope you’ll like. We call it a FlyBy seating chart. With our friends and neighbors at the Pasadena Playhouse, we created a way for Goldstar members to get a really good look at the venue before going. We think it’s pretty cool, and more important, we think Goldstar members will have an easier time making a decision to go to the Playhouse.

And if you enjoyed this one, just wait, we’ll be making more!

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