Instagram Marketing Done Great

Chidike Samuelson highlights eight examples of brilliant instagram marketing for Entrepreneur.

“The good news,” Samuelson writes, “is that thriving with Instagram marketing isn’t about burning millions of dollars or hiring the most prominent influencer to share your posts. Rather, it requires more of a more nuanced approach to making an impression on the right target audience.”

Here are a few of his top picks that we could learn from:


Remember last year’s royal wedding? It was one of the most followed global events back in May 2018. But what on Earth did Lego have to do with it? After all, it’s just a brand that sells toy blocks, right?  Wrong, and that’s because the company has always been at the forefront of reimagining important events. Seizing on the trending hashtag #RoyalWedding, Lego shared a video depicting the ceremony, as rendered with its signature blocks.

With more than 150,000 views of the video to this point, it’s safe to say Lego struck marketing gold. The lesson for others is to piggyback on an already trending world event by making it your own with accompanying visuals on Instagram.

International Cricket Council (ICC)

This year’s Cricket World Cup (CWC) recently took place in England, and while the action on the field was edge-of-your-seat stuff, do you know what lightened up ICC’s lukewarm Insta profile? A photo of Indian batting sensation Virat Kohli with an aged fan on the sidelines of the tournament. Garnering more than 1.7 million likes, the picture is surely the star performer from ICC’s CWC Insta-highlights. The lesson here is remember to value the power of emotions and how they can cut across boundaries.

Tesla Motors

What’s better than driving a gamified version of your otherworldly car? Tesla Motors did exactly that by partnering up with developers Vector Unit to integrate Tesla cars into their game, Beach Buggy Racing 2. The promotional video uploaded on Tesla’s Instagram has garnered neartly two million views. The lesson here is clear: Find niche partnerships that allow you to easily identify and target an alternative, captive audience.”

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