Instagram Inspiration: Photo and Video Ideas

Lindsay Kolowich put together a list of 18 photo and video ideas to spark inspiration for what to post on Instagram. We’ve highlighted two below, and then read all 18 at HubSpot.

“• Behind-the-scenes shots

Instagram is a great platform for humanizing your brand, and giving your audience a sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes is one way to do that. It’s also a good way to show followers what it’s like to work there, which is great for your recruiting efforts.

Here’s an example from the Boston Red Sox, showing what batting practice looks like close-up (with a really cool, fish-eye shot to boot).


And here’s one from a small brewery in Somerville, Massachusetts called Aeronaut Brewing. We love how this one shares the faces behind the brand, giving followers the chance to get to know who’s on the inside.


• Really cool statistics

Another cool way to overlay text on an image is by posting a statistic that resonates with your audience. Try using statistics from your own research, or finding some that are relevant to your message, your value proposition, and so on.

Here’s an example from Quarter For Your Crisis, a company with the mission of helping millennials reconnect with themselves, their faith, and their world.quarter-for-your-crisis-instagram-stats-post

Here’s another one from the meditation app Headspace, with a simple text box overlaying a colored, nondescript background.”headspace-instagram-stat

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