#instaballet Brings Audience Interaction to a New Level

Typically, going to the ballet is a passive event. You settle down in your seat and watch a beautiful dance unfold on stage. But the Eugene Ballet Company in Oregon is turning this idea on its head.

During their offseason the company has started a “crowd-sourced choreography” event they’re calling #instaballet. During the event, the audience can suggest moves, typically based around a theme, and together with the dancers they’ll put together a choreographed performance (there’s also a jar with suggestions in case audience members are stumped or don’t know how to explain the movement they have in mind).

Oregon Artswatch‘s Gary Ferrington, who reported on the event, said the goal is “to enrich audience knowledge and appreciation of classical ballet by engaging participants in the creative process of choreography.” You can read more about the idea here, or check out a video of one of the audience-created performances below:

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